Google Has Implemented this Huge Seo Trick that even Pro’s Ignore!

Okay, today, I’m going to talk about one specific geeky seo technical thing that everybody into seo should know. So, if you’re in the field of search engine optimization, let’s go ahead and dive into it.

So, inside a Google Search Console there’s a lot of information on search engine optimization and how the website is being evaluated. One of those really cool reports is the pages crawled reports. Now that report is going to tell you all the pages that have been picked up and then how google is evaluating those pages…

One of the most important things to look at is: are the pages indexed or are the pages not indexed, and then try to figure out why. Maybe some of those pages are not indexed and if they’re not being picked up, it might be for a reason!

So recently, people have noticed that Google Search Console is showing some of the pages as crawled, but they’re not indexed and people are trying to figure out. Why is that happening? So, according to google here’s what’s going on the index: coverage report data gets updated at a slower rate than url inspection, so the url inspection results are more recent and therefore more accurate and google also said that data in the index coverage report should reflect accurate info within a few days.

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So, basically, there’s a little bit of a lag time, that’s going on there. I think that’s really important so that you don’t start worrying about things not being indexed when maybe they actually are a quick thing you can do if you’re worried about a url, you can do a spot check and do a search for that url inside of google, or you can search for the title of that page and see if that url pops up.

Regardless, the most important thing to take away is make sure you’re using this report, make sure you understand how google is evaluating your site. What pages googles crawling deciding to include not deciding to include this report can be so powerful, with understanding, site, structure and pages that are indexed, you’re going to find stuff in there that you didn’t even know.

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