5 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Instagram Business Profile

This article will show you how to optimize Instagram for your personal or business brand.

Instagram has made many changes in recent months. They have added new features to Snapchat and removed access to many third-party apps from the platform. Optimizing your business’s following is more difficult than ever. These are some ways to ensure your page runs at peak speed and to make the most of your Instagram profile space.

Clickable #hashtags

These hashtags can be added to your profile description by entering the hashtag sign followed by the preferred phrase. This is just like a normal post. Most companies have found that creating their own hashtag is a great marketing strategy.

Your profile should be changed to a “business profile”

You/your brand can unlock powerful features by switching your Instagram account from a personal to a business account.

First, you’ll receive call-to action buttons that allow customers to contact your business easily.

You will also have access to analytics, which is by far the most valuable. Analytics will give you information about where your followers are located, when they’re online and which types of content are most popular. These numbers will allow you to iterate and create more content for your audience.

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A third benefit of having a business profile is that you can access ads on Instagram. This makes it easy to promote your brand and get paid. You can do this by going into Settings->Switch To Business Profile->Selecting the Facebook page to which you would like to associate it.

Clickable profile links

You can also share a link from your video description if you are an IGTV creator. You can then repost your IGTV clip as an Instagram Story. The clickable profile link will be displayed in your stories as a swipe-up.

Story Highlights

This feature is relatively new and allows you to save stories from various categories on your profile. This makes your profile more interesting and allows you to show important content. It also improves your marketing efforts.

Add a location tag to your list of things to do

It is important to add a location to your Instagram photo if you want people searching for it to find it. The location tag will allow people to see your photos within the same area as you have tagged them. This opens you up for a new audience.

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