How to create a good youtube marketing channel for Business in 2021

Youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world.

Yes, you read that correctly: YouTube has surpassed Google as the world’s second most popular search engine. YouTube has over 2 billion active users that spend a lot of time watching videos online. Video advertising is not a new kind of advertising or marketing, but it is a new venue for marketing to use the YouTube platform.

Social media platforms have grown in popularity and popularity, with the majority of users spending time on them on a regular basis.

In 2021, everyone is well-versed in social media platforms. However, very few people understand how to sell on these channels.

So, in this article, we’ll look at how to build a successful YouTube marketing channel for your company’s growth.

Let’s start this step by step.

But before starting this procedure let’s see why we need to have a youtube channel for our business.

Why you need a youtube marketing channel

In 2021, having social media networks for business is critical. It demonstrates that your company is socially visible. This makes a positive impression on your users and establishes your brand as a more trustworthy one in the market. Customers currently expect to be able to contact a company and have their questions answered as quickly as feasible.

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Having a YouTube account is critical for sharing product information and answering customer questions, and customers may also ask questions on the company’s channel.

Now let’s start with how to create a good youtube channel.

Start a YouTube Marketing Channel in 7 Steps

Step 1- You must have a Google account in order to create a YouTube channel, and you may already have one. A Google account provides a variety of benefits, including access to a wide range of products. YouTube is one of the products to which you can gain access with a Google account.

If you don’t have a google account you can create an account by following the steps from here.

Step 2- Now Sign in to youtube and have a youtube account.

Step 3- Now you can create your business youtube channel from the top right side. From their drop-down menu, you will see the option Your Channel. Click on that.

After these, you will see 2 options and you must select the custom option.

Step 4- Now it’s up to you to give your channel a name. This is a challenging choice, but business owners don’t have to think too hard about it; simply name your channel after your company. If business owners wish to add anything to their channel name, they can do so, or they can modify it at any time.

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Step 5- Now Add your company’s logo and cover photo to personalize your channel. Also, include all of the necessary information. This step is critical for increasing your channel’s visibility on YouTube and attracting more viewers.

Step 6- Create video content for your YouTube channel and begin posting to your marketing channel on YouTube. It’s also critical to create video content. Visitors will watch your video more if you create high-quality content. You may also subscribe to your channel’s videos on YouTube to stay up to date.

Now comes the most crucial part of the process. You only need to include TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and other metadata when uploading your videos to your YouTube channel.

The most crucial aspects of your video are the titles and descriptions, as these are the elements that push your video to the top of the search results, allowing visitors to see it first.

The title and description must be SEO-friendly. You can search about this on google and check how to create SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. Before creating the unique and most attractive titles you must have to think about what your audience likes to search and according to that, you must create a unique title. From which you will get clicks on your videos.

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Your video is described in the description. You can tell your viewers about your video to give them a sense of what it’s about and to pique their curiosity in watching it. You can also include links to your company’s website so that customers can go there to learn more about your products and services.

Step 7- In youtube marketing videos, video thumbnails are also quite significant. Unique and appealing thumbnails are always enticing visitors to watch the video, thus it’s up to you to figure out how to make an appealing thumbnail.

According to YouTube, “90% of the highest performing videos on YouTube feature personalised thumbnails.” Consider high-quality pictures that accurately portray your video when recording. To guarantee that your thumbnail looks fantastic on all screen sizes, YouTube suggests choosing a 1280 × 720 px image.

So, this is how you make your good Youtube Marketing Channel. By following these steps you will make a presence on youtube and always deliver quality content so that your audience should follow your channel.

Hope you guys find this useful and get an idea how to make a Good Youtube Marketing Channel.

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